Agile companies come first

Agility is considered an essential factor for maintaining competitiveness, hence ultimate for the survival of a company. Due to the ever-faster development of new technologies, the rapidly growing networking of the economy and particularly the increasing digitalization of all environments, the uncertainty and complexity for companies is escalating.

New agile work methods

Design Thinking

The goal is to develop innovative business models or products.

The method is derived from the work of designers, based on a thesis stating that problems are solved better, when people from different disciplines work together.


With the scrum method, work steps are devided into phases of two to four weeks and processed by a small team. A scrum master ensures that the rules are obeyed. For every phase, a different team member can be chosen as scrum master. A product owner is elected to keep track of the client´s requirements.

BCG Study

Source: Study of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), WirtschaftsWoche

After speed, adaptability and customer orientation comes another decisive aspect: an agile approach. The agile approach, sometimes also called an agile mind-set, includes different aspects of (modified) behaviour patterns of company members. Crucial here is appreciative interaction, to enable eye-to eye encounters. This enables employees to start assuming responsibility.

How agile is your company?

We can guide you to leadership, which is even more successful. More productive, yet less stressful and on eye level with your team.

Advantages of agility


…to the outside: …to the inside:
  • satisfied customers
  • more flexibility on the market
  • skilled personnel recruitment
  • greater attraction for employees
  • flexibility and time saving
  • openness and transparency
  • amended kind of leadership and team work
  • modified error culture

MTI helps improve your business and ensure competitiveness with a more agile work procedure.

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