Determining the necessary measures to be taken based on decisions

“We want to be the leader in innovation.” “We want to develop a new business area.” “We want to become a global player.” “We want to turn over more sales with services.”

When the top managers of a company make these kinds of strategic decisions, several things usually remain unclear: What are the resulting challenges for the various divisions and departments? And these certainly have not been gained as allies.

So now the task is the following:

  • to inform those responsible in the downstream levels of management about the decision,

  • together, to analyze where action and change is needed in order to realize this in their division,

  • to make the necessary follow-up decisions and

  • to determine the necessary measures that must be taken to realize this.

In addition, the measures must be coordinated ‒ across divisions and sites ‒ in such a way that all parties involved are on the same page.

We assist companies with these tasks by planning and the buy-in for your managers where they are informed of the decision and persuaded to get on board. We often hold top-down workshops for companies in which specific implementation steps are arranged with the employees.


  • eg. 2nd and 3rd level executives or real working teams

  • working out information about the strategic decisions made and the included goals

  • “Which action/change needs result thereof for me/us? ”

  • arranging steps to reach the main goal

  • convince the participants and agree on a strategy implementation plan with them.