Consistently delivering on what has been agreed

The best strategy is useless unless it is applied to day-to-day operations ‒ a painful lesson experienced by managers again and again. This may be because the organization lacks the human resources necessary to realize the change projects in addition to completing the everyday tasks. Managers and project managers may lack the experience necessary to steer complex, multinational human resources and organizational development projects. Or perhaps the employees on the operational level lack the necessary expertise and skills to perform in the way required of them in their daily work.

MTI helps companies implement strategic decisions in their everyday operations ‒ globally.

  • We work with the people responsible and plan the strategy implementation project.

  • We teach the managers (at home and abroad) the knowledge needed to implement changes and assist them with their leadership tasks.

  • We tune employees’ attitudes to meet goals as well as give them the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.

  • If desired, we steer the project on behalf of the company.

We also implement monitoring tools into the project to help control whether

  • deadlines and budgets are being adhered to,

  • the project is moving along as desired and

  • the desired targets are being met.