Bringing strategy to life

Take a deep breath and pause – something top managers would often like to do after they have made strategic decisions with their colleagues. After all, these kinds of decisions are usually preceded by a tedious decision-making process.


  • getting staff and the other stakeholders on board,
  • determining the follow-up decisions based on the fundamental decisions,
  • planning implementation measures,
  • implementing these measures in daily operations and
  • ensuring that the (strategic) goals are achieved.

MTI specializes in assisting companies with these tasks. Our 450 consultants, trainers and project managers assist companies around the world to implement their strategies after we have provided a thorough needs analysis. If desired, we involve their employees in a dialogue for the purpose of planning the implementation project and realizing the approaches that have been arranged, thus ensuring the company reaches its goals.

We arrange the agreed personnel and organisational development activities in such a way that the company evolves and its performance improves.

We also provide companies with the tools necessary for steering

  • the project and to ensure
  • long-term success.

In addition, we help them with conceptual and administrative activities to provide relief to

  • their organisation;
  • for their service providers to have time for their core tasks and
  • so that the project is realized as quickly as possible, without wasting resources.

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