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Press release: MTI celebrates 30th anniversary

“Machwürth Team International successful on the market for 30 years”

Shaping the future with experience – on its 30th company anniversary this year, the internationally active training and consulting company will be celebrating its birthday under this motto, together with selected customers, cooperation partners and employees.

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Less Stress With the Right Time Management

“Of the small stuff and big chunks”

Time management from the perspective of a manager. We all know the principles of time management, but despite Eisenhower and the Pareto principle, despite delegation, time is always short. Learn which structures and principles a manager can use to keep the complexity under control.

An article by Sabine Machwürth


„Train large groups of people in a short time“

How can we train dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees or clients within a short time? Companies often ask themselves this question when introducing new procedures or solutions in their organisation or on the market. Thanks partly to IT, there are very efficient ways to manage this.

Project report: Good service makes the difference

„Excellence in Service “

The cost of winning new customers is enormous. That is why more and more companies are focusing on customer retention and increasing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are an important component of success.

Interactive workshops with mega-groups

„Digital moderation for large group events“

See how easy and uncomplicated workshops with large groups – with up to 1,000 participants – can be prepared and carried out successfully, interactively and with concrete results. Do you have a disused whiteboard and flipchart?