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Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement in Unternehmen

Corporate Health Management: Healthy and Satisfied Employees With the Corporate Health Modules

Healthy employees – healthy company

If you want to ensure long-term economic success for your company, the establishment of a high-quality working business healthcare management must be a high priority. True to the motto Healthy employees in a healthy company. By now we all know the importance of business healthcare management because it became a central theme in many companies during the Corona pandemic. Continue reading Corporate Health Management: Healthy and Satisfied Employees With the Corporate Health Modules

Professionalisation of HR work

„When SMEs become global players“

Many SMEs have grown from small and medium-sized enterprises into high-tech companies and global players in recent years. Unfortunately, their personnel and organisational development often lags behind the development of the company as a whole, thus slowing their further growth.

Leadership & Management

„Strategy alone is not enough – Mediocre or the best?“

Why are some companies mediocre and others leading in their field? For example, when it comes to revenue or income? Or service or innovation? Is it to do with strategy? Usually it isn’t! It is usually to do with their corporate and management culture.

Report: Shaping the future

„Shaping the future – Experiencing visions“

With the Phoenix Project, the ITT Industries Cannon plant in Weinstadt succeeded within two years to move from a difficult phase in the company with downsizing and fear of the future of the location to being distinguished with the Chairman’s Award for Operational Excellence.

Management by Team Objectives

„Cooperation beats competition“

”Management by Team Objectives” for banks and insurance companies – a small step or a cultural paradigm shift? A management model that strives for sustainable business success is future-proof. But a successful transition to such a model is not without obstacles.