MTI Anstoß zur Nachhaltigkeit durch Corona

Impulse for Sustainability – The Good Side of Corona?

Can you also include positive impulses in the field of sustainability from the circumstances caused by Corona? There is a message being spread about the fact that companies do not only save money through lower traveling costs and the quick switch to digital events and meetings—but also that companies contribute to sustainability. We have looked at what sustainability means at MTI and what happened to our firm considering sustainability.

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Strategic cooperation between MTI China and EunaCon

Strategic cooperation between MTI China and EunaCon


Company-specific tailored solutions and global support for the implementation of your company‘s strategy

Dear reader,

in times of digital transformation, agile organisation and VUCA, it is indispensable to refer to high-performance external partners with a large range of services.

On that basis, MTI China and EunaCon agreed on a strategic cooperation. Both companies bring years of experience in the China business and can successfully build packages of services there.

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Digitalization & Industry 4.0

June 07, 2017 | Taicang
Business Talk Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

Recognizing opportunities and successfully overcoming challenges

Dear Reader,
nowadays, all over the global business world keywords referring to change are discussed and related “magic recipes“ are published. The so-called “Industry 4.0“ is all about: Digitalization, Transformation, VUCA, Globalization, Agile Leadership, Agile Teams, Scrum and Innovation. We will put these keywords under scrutiny and clarify how the development can be mastered successfully.

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Webinar – Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness

Dear Reader,

what is culture and what are its various aspects? Find out the answer to that and many more questions in our new webinar held by Somya Dwivedi-Burks. In our digital connected world where the lines of virtual and real are converging, the need to recognize cultural differences in human interactions is even more important than before. Learn about what culture means, the various factors that influence it, how bias impacts our communication and many other necessary aspects to improve your communication in a cross-cultural scenario. Continue reading Webinar – Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness

Scientific Articles | Archive – Springtime 2015

With our first newsletter 2015, we would like to introduce a number of exciting articles and inform you of news from our company.

Learn among other things how to make your business fit for tomorrow with effective change and innovation management or what martial arts reveals about your leadership style. In addition, we will give you 7 valuable tips for a successful leadership style as well as an insight into the effective use of digital moderation with mega-groups.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

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Interactive workshops with mega-groups

„Digital moderation for large group events“

See how easy and uncomplicated workshops with large groups – with up to 1,000 participants – can be prepared and carried out successfully, interactively and with concrete results. Do you have a disused whiteboard and flipchart?

Scientific Articles | Archive – New Year 2014

The new year 2014 has just begun and we are looking forward to many exciting and challenging projects with you.

As in previous years, we want (would like) to accompany you with our MTI Newsletter and give you an insight into our expertise with our know-how and project reports.

Furthermore, we look forward to celebrating Machwürth Team’s 25th anniversary with you.

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