Relieving your own organization

Larger training programs and change projects always involve a great deal of administrative, conceptual and evaluation tasks. For example, the HR department of a company often reach their limits because they lack the necessary staff or the technical infrastructure needed to solve these tasks. MTI is therefore here to help companies with these tasks. We offer three main types of services to companies.  

Concepts – for example:

  • After the general idea is in place, working out the detailed concept of a plan of action/project

  • creating/developing the diagnosis, training and instruction materials


Management and organization – for example:

  • Participant management: Registration, invitation to qualification measures, invoicing, issuing of certificates, target group management

  • Event management: Rooms, reservations, hotel booking

  • Commercial administration: From internal accounting to complete financial management

  • Evaluation according to target groups or measures

  • Reporting to the Personnel Development Department

  • Task controlling

By delegating the previously mentioned tasks to MTI, you relieve yourself and your employees. This gives you more time for steering and communication tasks you have, particularly for larger personnel and change projects.