Creating a platform for learning

In the corporate world, current as well as new employees periodically need to be taught technical, methodical and process-related knowledge. The situation is similar when it comes to larger-scope change projects. Training requirements are often so great that they cannot be covered by seminars and training sessions alone ‒ due to time and cost constraints and because the employees frequently need to acquire the relevant expertise quickly. Therefore, many companies have now introduced virtual learning platforms, which employees can use by themselves or with the aid of an online tutor. Setting up and maintaining this kind of learning platform does not pay off for all companies because it requires a significant investment of time and money. MTI therefore offers companies, if desired, the service of maintaining and providing support for these learning platforms ‒ for example, as part of a short-term project.

MTI´s Learning Management Systems (LMS) services:

  • Online trainings

  • Knowledge-flow, Self-study

  • Setting examinations and tests

  • Comprehension-flow and achievement controls

  • Learning tools (whiteboard,notes, annotations, calendar etc.)

  • Communication methods (chat, forum)

  • Complete learning and development path arrangement

It´s understood that user and short administration as well as roles and rights´ issuance can be organized in such a way that complex and multi-faceted learning paths can be efficiently and easily administered.