Communicate, consult and cooperate with cutting-edge methods

The more network-like structures within a company are, the more often employees must be involved in decision-making processes ‒ for example, so that they

  • can share responsibility for the decisions,

  • are adequately informed and

  • are all on the same page.

Even more often, employees must also work together to solve problems in a way that works at different locations or even in different countries.

These types of processes were usually very time-consuming in the past, for example, because

  • all participants first had to travel to one location,

  • many participants had to be heard,

  • a great deal of information had to be prepared on flipchart sheets and presenta-tion panels and then

  • evaluated and presented.

Accordingly, participants often found these “events” to be tedious, ineffective and not very motivating. In today´s digital age, quick and swift results are easily reached via the new perspectives through virtual conferencing and work. With our partners, we use state-of-the-art information, communication and presentation technologies (from PCs, internet and smartphones) to map and lead seminars interactively and effectively worldwide:

Events with large groups in one single location / room which require quick digital processing of the participants’ comments and achievement results

Virtual seminars with large groups whereby participants are based in various locations

Online workshops with several single participants in various locations

Online workshops with several groups in various locations