How to manage complexity

YOUR BUSINESS CONTEXT – Integrating your key challenges

Imparting of key competencies based on live experiences, effective time usage, high motivation, strong enthusiasm and real successful transfer.

In live sessions on tablet computers your employees are connected with each other while steering their own department.

They will face daily challenges based on your company‘s real life situation. The only way to overcome these challenges will be to implement the right strategy in time before the results on the tablet speak for themselves.

The Business Simulation creates awareness and competence in dealing with the following key factors:

  • Market dynamics

  • Products / Services and their complexity

  • Supplier structure, dynamics and challenges

  • Extent of the supplier and production chain

  • Financial situation

  • Strategic challenges

  • Dynamics and complexity of your business



Competency development needs the confrontation with challenges close to real life. We generate genuine, complex, dynamic challenges by implementing your business context.

Efficient workshops
Successful transfer
Excited participants

By using dynamic business simulations developed by ComCoSim we
generate complex live experiences.

In this way we create a live experience in the workshop that activates all core competencies
relevent to people development.

Beneficial For

  • Leadership qualification

  • Managing business

  • Steering projects

  • Managing complexity

  • Team performance

  • Potential assessment


Our settings offer a high degree of freedom. Interaction is live and real, the participants identify themselves strongly with their role and only achieve success by thinking strategically and jointly. In our simulations 4 up to 14 persons can participate. Each participant has his own tablet and acts independently whilst also continously interacting with his colleagues face-to-face.


Business context
Your participants act and learn in a context that reflects the challenges of your business.

Individual competencies
Hybrid Qualification enhances the key competencies simultaneously.

Live experience
Learning by doing – nothing better than this. Experience is anchored instantly, it motivates.