Determining what drives and moves employees

There are many tools that allow companies to analyze several things including

  • the strengths and weaknesses, attitudes, and behavioral tendencies of employees as well as

  • the makeup and performance of teams.

Examples here include the analysis tools DiSC, MBTI and HDI. MTI also uses these tools. They make it possible to discuss deficits or areas where there is need for development on the part of employees or teams, without this causing emotional distress. Another analytical tool used by MTI is the values profile. The idea is similar to the previously mentioned tools. However, this tool is focused on the values of the employees, which in turn lead to certain attitudes and patterns of behavior. Or in other words: This values profile allows companies to determine what motivates, drives and moves their employees. The values profile has also proven itself useful particularly for staff development projects that are also intended to change the attitudes and behaviors of employees.

  • Employees need to be thinking or acting more independently or in a more business-oriented way,

  • Sales staff need to be thinking of themselves more as service providers and show more active sales behavior,

  • Managers need to have a more partner-oriented and cooperative leadership style, or

  • Team members need to be cooperating more closely in order to transform their “work group” into a high-performing team.

The values profile has proven useful as a research tool including for culture change projects in order to determine the extent to which the values and attitudes of the employees already correlate with the desired company culture,

  • demonstrate to staff and managers the extent to which they need an attitude and behavioral adjustment to remain a valuable employee in the future as well, and

  • determine which kind of changes within the organization will help to use values in a positive way and how to develop them in the right direction.