Imagine you could see communication

Poor communication hinders performance. Thus, if one improves communication, organisational performance is increased. Yet, communication patterns are complex and invisible – what cannot be seen, cannot be changed.

In today’s complex organisation networks, matrices as well as cross-functional cooperations and virtual teams have replaced traditional structures and hierarchies. In order to improve organisational performance, understanding the prevailing connections between people, working on a common project, is required.

Unfortunately traditional HR tools focus on individual characteristics and not on relationships between people. Even 360° measurements only present averages, which cause a great loss in meaning and completeness of surveys. The diagnostic tool, Connection Scan, offers more!


Increasing your team’s performance

Communication patterns is the most important factor for the performance of a team.

  • How much drive to communicate is in the team?
  • Who is included and who is excluded?
  • Is the basis for team performance, who communicates with whom and how often?

Connection Scan enables you to identify prevailing patterns of team communication, to evaluate its effect on a team and to find solutions for its improvement.

Making communication visible

Connection Scan is a unique and high performance diagnostic tool, which reveals communication patterns between people in a team, a department or even within an entire organisation. Like an MRI scan, Connection Scan produces an exact visual image of how people are truly connected to each other.

Utilise Connection Scan’s inside information regarding communication to develop your team, department or entire organisation and to increase their performance.

For the first time it is possible to see how the communication in your team, considering each and every individual´s perspective, really works. Only after these hidden patterns of communication become visible, can a team find ways to improve communication, hence performance.


MTI helps you to visualise the communication in your team, department or organisation with Connection Scan, hence improve your performance.

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