Analyzing and changing the management culture

360° Feedback is a well-established instrument used to identify how the behavior  of managers is seen by the people with whom they work on a daily basis. This also includes their staff, colleagues and superiors as well as external partners such as customers and suppliers. Larger companies use  the tool just as often in order to analyze the current state of their leadership culture and to develop in the desired direction. However, companies often complain that it requires a tremendous amount of effort to “tailor” the 360° Feedback to their organization. In addition, evaluating the data requires a great deal of administrative work. Moreover, the 360° Feedback is often too much, for example, when in the course of change projects it is only necessary to survey the employees and superiors of managers. For this reason, based on 360° Feedback, MTI developed its own method called MTI Appraisal, which is a computer-based tool that resolves these disadvantages.

 Benefits of  MTI Appraisal

  • MTI Appraisal allows companies to customize the surveys that are used with the 360° Feedback, for example, quite quickly to meet the needs and goals of their organization.

  • The amount of time associated with collecting and evaluating the data is reduced to a minimum thanks to the computerized method.

  • MTI appraisal also allows companies to conduct “scaled-down” analyses, for ex-ample, in specific divisions or branches where only the employees and supervisors of the managers are surveyed.