Putting together the right package of measures

Taking action for the sake of action tends to only result in a waste of resources – whether in terms of money or time. MTI thus attaches great importance a clear analysis in its work so that

  • any decisions are taken based on a solid foundation,

  • the combination, performance, and development of teams and

  • combining these with one another so as to ensure that desired objective is achieved.

In employee and company development projects, we analyze the current situation. In dialogue with our customers, we choose the right, target-oriented measures. And once the first measures have been implemented? We then generally examine after some time whether they have had the intended effect ‒ for example, to determine whether staff, teams or culture of the company are developing as desired or whether any course corrections or additional measures are needed to reach the goal with certainty. Our correspondingly large repertoire of analytical tools provides us what we need depending on the specific situation, bringing about transparency and the ability to discuss and control the following:

  • the competence, potential as well as development of employees and their managers,

  • the combination, performance, and development of teams and

  • the current (management) culture of companies as well as their development.