Selecting and supporting the right salespersons

Which sales potential do the candidates have for a certain sales position? This is often the question facing companies’ sales and marketing managers. For example, if you have several candidates and want to select the person(s) to be in charge of future key accounts. Or if you are looking for a new manager for a sales location. Or if you need a new district manager for a certain sales region. Then, the task is always to identify

  • the abilities and skills the candidates possess and

  • where they show potential for development

in order to filter out the best candidates from the good ones.

MTI helps companies by conducting tests to identify, among other things, whether candidates have the right (personal) qualities. For example:

  • field staff who are largely responsible for independently managing a certain sales regions or

  • managing key account customers in such a way that customer loyalty results in increased sales or

  • integrating themselves into an existing sales team responsible for managing large customers in the B2B sector.

We also regularly conduct sales audits for companies. We use these audits to determine several things including the extent to which the sales team has the skills necessary for achieving certain sales targets including

  • tapping into new market segments,

  • achieving higher profit margins,

  • better exploiting the sales potential of existing customers,

  • presenting oneself as a problem-solving partner rather than a products supplier to customers or

  • increasing sales by providing services.

Based on the audit results, we then develop and implement the necessary training programs for our customers’ sales representatives and managers in order to help them achieve their sales targets.