Increasing sales competence systematically

The sales and profit a company turns over depends greatly on the quality of its sales force. Most companies understand this. Which is why many (large) companies who offer their customers complex products and services go about this by systematically training their salespersons in a similar way to how they have been training their young managers for decades.

This is based on the realization, for example, that the sale

  • of machinery and systems or

  • complex (industrial) services

is a very challenging task that not only requires a high level of technical, sales and interpersonal competence, but also analytical skills, strategic thinking and a high degree of empathy.

When developing these types of salespersons, MTI helps companies by having a dialogue with our customers. Starting with their goals, we develop multi-stage development programs for their sales staff, transforming sales talent into good salespersons and, in turn, transforming them into outstanding salespersons. Based from the business segment of our customers as well as their franchising and sales strategy, these development programs differ in terms of content and structure. In addition to these development programs for salespersons, MTI designs development programs for managers of these salespersons as well.