Supporting the sales team during the implementation process

Knowledge is not the same as ability, and ability is not the same as action ‒ a maxim that is true for the development of sales staff and their managers as well. It usually takes some time before they have achieved the confidence they need to conduct themselves in their daily work. For this reason, many MTI development programs include on-the-job training for the sales staff and coaching sessions for their managers. The purpose is to help them

  • demonstrate the desired conduct in their everyday work,

  • to reflect on their actions and behavior, for example, when interacting with cus-tomers or employees and

  • to increase their successes in sales or management.

On-the-job training (or coaching) for sales staff

An MTI consultant accompanies a salesperson after a training program has been implemented ‒ for example, when arranging customer meetings. Or when preparing sales presentations. Or when making sales calls. Next, the consultant provides feed-back and tips as to what they can improve.

Coaching for sales managers

Approach: An MTI consultant meets regularly with a sales manager to talk with him or her about problems they encountered in their everyday management work. During an interview with the manager, the consultant provides new insights into the problem, primarily through dialogue and questions, encouraging the manager to develop his or her own practical problem solutions.