Consumer goods, capital goods or project marketers?

A sale is a sale. This is the impression we sometimes get when reading articles and books on the topic. The business reality is much different. Again and again, the following becomes clear: Manufacturers of consumer and capital goods not only need different sales and marketing strategies; they also require salespeople with different specialized, personal and sales skills.

Depending on their business segment and market position, they have to offer their target customers varying levels of service in order to get them excited.

MTI always keeps this fact in mind when planning training programs for companies’ sales and service staff as well their managers. Based on their business segment, market position, product range and strategy, we consult with our customers and ini-tially analyze which skills profile their salespersons need. Next, we determine what skills the staff still lack. We then plan the necessary training programs and facilitate these so that your talented sales staff become good salespersons and these then become outstanding salespersons. In many cases, we also conduct rollouts for companies and sales organizations. This involves training hundreds or even thousands of merchants, salespersons, customer service representatives or service personnel within a short period of time, for example, when introducing new products, sales strategies or tools. Thanks to its number of employees and locations, MTI is therefore in a position to offer this in most European countries and on five different continents. If desired, we also provide companies the appropriate learning technology for conducting domestic and international rollouts in a timely and cost effective fashion.