Training large groups of employees in a short period of time

A company launches a new product. A company introduces a new CRM system. A company wants to implement a new marketing strategy. Time and again, companies face the challenge of training many people within a short time ‒ often all around the world. These include, for example, their sales staff both in-house and in the field. Or their dealers. Or their service staff. This is when they usually need a partner who

  • has the necessary manpower to train hundreds or even thousands of men and women within a short time and

  • can guarantee that the training is of the same quality in all places ‒ regardless of whether it takes place in Flensburg or Rosenheim, in Germany or in the United States.

But beyond this: In addition, based on the size and infrastructure, the external partner should be able to relieve the company conceptually and administratively because a company’s organization often reaches its capacity limits during roll-outs.

Worldwide, MTI has 450 trainers, consultants and project managers who are specialized in planning and executing national and international roll-outs. In other words:

  • We conduct companies’ training programs associated with roll-outs.

  • If desired, we also provide them the learning technology and infrastructure necessary for conducting the rollout in a timely, cost-effective manner. And:

  • We relieve companies of many of the planning and administrative tasks involved in conducting these kinds of training projects.