Teaching managers the necessary knowledge and skills

Managers must ensure that their division serves its function within the organization and delivers the necessary performance. This key management task supersedes all others.

In order for a manager to fulfill this main task professionally, he or she needs a whole range of methodological, personal and also specialized skills. There is an equally diverse range of topics, which MTI regularly covers in its training sessions and seminars for managers ‒ with a wide range of emphases. This is because, aside from the target groups, the business segments, targets and cultures of the companies that hire us are very different.

Here are several common topics for which we conduct manager training sessions:

Leading People Business Skills for Managers Management Skills Strategic Competencies The Leadership Personality
Leadership skills Conversation Techniques Managing Human Resources Strategic Planning Emotional Intelligence
Developing People Decision Making Management by Objectives Visionary Management Self Management
Cruical Conversations Monitoring Success/
Performance Management Complexity Management Work-Life-Balance
Appreciative Dialogue Meeting Management Intercultural Management/
Diversity Management
Crisis Management Personality Profiling
Situational Leadership Presentation Techniques Managing Teams Individual Coaching for Managers
Employee appraisals Problem Solving Business Process Management
The Leader/Manager as a Coach Stress Management Project Management
Leading (virtual/ multinational) Teams Conflict Management Managing Quality (TQM/Six Sigma)

And for nearly all other training topics for managers, there are certified experts in the MTI team, which consists of more than 450 trainers and consultants. On request, we also train your managers all around the world.