Supporting managers during the implementation process

Knowledge is not the same as ability, and ability is not the same as action ‒ a maxim that is true for the development of managers as well. Even in their cases, it usually takes some time until they exhibit the necessary confidence in conducting themselves during their everyday management work. For this reason, many MTI development programs include on-the-job training and coaching sessions. These programs help managers with the following:

  • exhibiting the desired conduct in their daily work,

  • reflecting on their behavior in challenging leadership situations and

  • improving their performance as managers.


On-the-job training sessions


For example, after a training plan has been undertaken, an MTI consult-ant provides assistance to managers on the operational level during daily manage-ment tasks and observes their behavior ‒ for example, in staff interviews and team meetings. Next, managers receive feedback and tips as to what they can do better in the future.



An MTI consultant meets with a manager who needs to develop his or her skills in order to discuss problems they encountered in their daily management during the recent weeks. During an interview with the manager, the consultant pro-vides new insights into the problem and encourages the manager to develop his or her own more practical solutions. In addition to these individualized support measures, MTI often helps companies establish management groups for (young) managers on the same level and with comparable leadership experience.

Management group


Several managers meet regularly to talk with their colleagues about problems and challenges they are currently facing in their everyday management work. Based on the experience of their colleagues and moderated by a consultant, they work out common solutions for the “problems”.