Leading the company to success

The success of a company greatly depends on the quality of its management team. After all, it is the managers who, supported by their staff, are responsible for conducting everyday operations in a way that ensures the company reaches its goals in the short, medium and long term. What is equally important for high-performance companies is the selection and systematic development of their managers. MTI has been helping companies in this endeavor for over 25 years. For example:

  • by conducting ACs and audits to ensure that the right (young) managers are selected and develop,

  • by implementing management development programs to ensure that young managers and other talent develop to become mature leaders,

  • by holding training sessions and seminars to teach managers the necessary leadership skills and to familiarize them with key management tools and

  • providing them with feedback on their leadership style and their managerial work in coaching sessions so that they can continuously improve their performance as managers.

Among others, the guiding principles of MTI are:

  • Leadership is not an end in itself. It should always serve a higher-level company goal.

  • There is no ideal leadership style. Leadership must always respond to the other person and the current situation. Accordingly, leadership styles must be flexible.

  • Leadership always takes place as a “dialogue” with employees. Thus, if employees change, so, too, must the leadership style.

Consulting services in area management and leadership

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