Acquiring the necessary business skills

Particularly in high-performance businesses in which the employees often work in cross-departmental and cross-hierarchical teams, employees often need certain abilities and skill sets regardless of their role or position in order to perform their duties in a professional manner. For example:

  • communications, presentation and facilitation

  • work planning and structure

  • teamwork and cooperation

  • project and change management

  • customer and service orientation

  • self-management and employability

MTI teaches your employees these skills so that they continue to have the qualifications your organization needs. In doing so, we sometimes take unusual approaches, for example, to reduce the time spent in seminars or to motivate learning on the part of employees As an example, we present here four products from the wide range of MTI services.

Online Training: Project Management

Close work proximity training for “indispensable” project managers. This online-training offers the participants how to start projects in the right way, manage them and conclude them successfully. You learn the worldwide established methods of the PMI® standards.

Web Training: “Successfully conflict solving”

In this training, you will learn how to recognize conflict situations early and solve them successfully. We show you possibilities and opportunities order to respond to issues of the conflict.

Certified trainings “Train the Trainer” and “Process Consultant/ Management Con-sultant”

Quality Management plays an increasingly important role in personnel management. Therefore, MtI offers the seminars of “Train the Trainer” and “Process Consultant/ Management Consultant” with a final certification exam. The qualification certificate acts as an additional incentive to your employees.