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(Multinational) top performing teams

In many companies, teamwork already shapes many aspects of the organization. For this reason, the challenge is not so much to build new teams. Instead the task is to transform the current (working) teams into top performing teams. This is difficult for many companies, especially in the case of departmental and teams that are split among different locations. This is because the departments, divisions and locations each have their own interests. Moreover, with such teams there are numerous interfaces where people do not work together smoothly.

The same is true for multinational teams in which the members have varying cultural backgrounds and work in different countries. In such cases, the key task in working together, along with the cultural attitudes or patterns of behavior, is to consider local or national peculiarities ‒ ranging from different working hours and (labor) regulations all the way to differing leadership styles and forms of social interaction.

When working to transform departmental, corporate and transnational teams into top performing teams, MTI has 450 trainers, consultants and project managers to assist companies. In other words:

  • We identify where things are getting “stuck” in terms of cooperation within your team.

  • Based on this, we prepare development programs for the teams.

  • Together with the teams, we use workshops, for example, to determine how cooperation can be optimized.

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