Improving cooperative performance

The more complex the services of a company, the stronger its employees must act as a team in order to ensure that these services are rendered in the quality desired by the customers. This requires that employees possess certain qualities in terms of their attitudes and behaviors. For example, their actions must always revolve around the shared task at hand and keep the overarching goal in mind as they move forward. Communicating this attitude and demeanor to employees in everyday operations is often difficult ‒ especially when the colleagues with whom the staff work as a team are in different divisions, at different locations or even different countries.

When developing top performing teams on the management and employee level, MTI supports companies worldwide. For example, this involves

  • giving them the tools they need to form teams and analyze their efficiency,

  • showing new teams how to think in a team-oriented way and

  • transforming existing teams into top performing teams.

In doing so, we utilize a wide variety of analytical tools and types of events depending on the specific goal.