Establishing streamlined, stable processes

How do we generate value without waste ‒ that is, generating the greatest possible benefit for customers and, in turn, long-term success on the market while minimizing the time and money? This issue is the focus of continuous improvement processes (CIP) and lean management.

To achieve this goal, companies need

  • qualified and motivated staff and

  • a culture that strives for continuous improvement.

In addition, the procedures and processes must be structured in such a way that they dependably generate the desired quality.

If desired, the experienced business and process consultants at MTI analyze the extent to which current procedures and processes in your company meet this requirement in your organization. For example:

  • process observations,

  • analyses of the relevant indicators,

  • comparing benchmarks or

  • conducting interviews with experts in your organization as well as customers and suppliers.

Building on this, we then prepare documentation with specific recommendations for your organization.