Developing a forward-looking company culture

MTI attaches great importance to change management when it comes to helping companies implement strategic decisions.

  • We assist companies with the analysis and development of their individual cultures.

  • We provide their executives and project managers the expertise necessary for enacting changes.

  • We teach employees from companies to monitor and assist their peers with implementing changes.

Two-thirds of all strategic projects undertaken by companies fail ‒ a sentence often seen in the media. Nonsense! If this were true, most companies would be bankrupt. However, the truth is that the targets of many projects are only achieved partially or with a considerable delay. One common reason for this is that those responsible are not adequately aware of the interactions between the structure and culture of an organization. For example, they are restructuring a division and overlook the fact that this will also change the nature of employees’ work and their work relationships. Or they introduce a new technology or marketing strategy, overlooking the fact that this will only be effective if employees also change their attitudes and behavior. The outcome: The employees are or feel overwhelmed and exhibit internal resistance ‒ which puts the success of the project at risk.