Developing the system known as business

When an engine delivers too little power, there are many possible causes. It is similar in the case of business. Here, too, the reason for poor performance may be due to the qualifications and motivation of employees as well as the structure, processes and culture of the company. It is therefore important before proceeding with change projects to determine exactly where the project should be tackled in order to “tune” the organization. For example:

  • the structure or culture of the organization,

  • the procedures and processes or

  • the qualifications and motivation of the employees.

For this reason, MTI places great importance on performing a detailed cause and needs analysis ‒ also to avoid wasting time and money. From here, we then help our clients develop a plan of action. For example:

  • optimizing (business) processes,

  • restructuring business segments

  • improving the culture of the company,

  • increasing the innovativeness of the organization,

  • increasing the performance of the (working) teams.

In these action plans, we interweave the specific action so that

  • the business system moves in the desired direction, and

  • the overall business targets are achieved.

The action plans also generally integrate feedback and monitoring systems, making it possible to control the course of the project and the development of the system known as business.