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With our first newsletter 2015, we would like to introduce a number of exciting articles and inform you of news from our company.

Learn among other things how to make your business fit for tomorrow with effective change and innovation management or what martial arts reveals about your leadership style. In addition, we will give you 7 valuable tips for a successful leadership style as well as an insight into the effective use of digital moderation with mega-groups.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

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Springtime 2015

Project report: Making your company sustainable

“The next generation”

In a world characterised by change, companies need managerial staff who recognise impending changes early and change tactics in time. But how can you pass this competency on to future leaders? A project report.

Project report: ”Fit for Partnership with Germany“

“GIZ Development Program for Managers”

Russian managers visited German model companies in Bremen and created business contacts within the framework of a manager training programme for managerial staff sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

7 skills for leaders

“What distinguishes a successful leader”

Leadership is aimed at higher employee responsibility – in how they perceive their tasks and develop their skills. This requires the leadership to have the necessary skills themselves.

Interactive workshops with mega-groups

“Digital moderation for large group events”

See how easy and uncomplicated workshops with large groups – with up to 1,000 participants – can be prepared and carried out successfully, interactively and with concrete results. Do you have a disused whiteboard and flipchart?

Develop a company mission statement

“Pull together in the same direction “

This is what many companies ask for. But employees can only do this when they know which direction the company wants to develop in and which principles should guide their actions. This is why every company should have a mission statement that all employees know in addition to their vision.

What we ca learn from martial arts

“Martial Arts and Management”

Struggle is as old as humanity itself and has nothing to do with violence, but embodies the commitment to things that are important to us. Martial arts, the art of fighting, represents a way of achieving goals with appropriate and balanced means.

New presence in Asia Pacific

“MTI Asia Pte. Ltd. – Expanding in Singapore”

To guarantee support for our clients in Asia Pacific, MTI Asia Pte. Ltd. has recently appointed Susi Pelz as Business Development Manager for the Asia Pacific Region.

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