Latest MTI Newsletter – Summer 2016

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in our second MTI newsletter from 2016 we present you once again interesting expert articles in the areas personnel and organisational development. Moreover in our category international reports we look back on past MTI events.

In addtion, our MTI experts explain among other topics the new working trend VUCA and the challenges leaders, facilitators and trainers have to face accordingly. Find out as well which factors are important in leading the young generation Z and what significance communication does have in change processes.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

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Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

Summer 2016


“Intuition in the VUCA world – challenge for leaders, facilitators and trainers

The constant development of new technologies, high staff turnover rates and ever changing economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to establish a strategy for long-lasting success and to make ‘the correct’ decisions.


“Leadership coaching – leading and the young Generation Z”

Currently the digital generation joins the labour market. This generation places different requirements and demands on today’s work environment. That raises major challenges for managers..


“On the importance of communication in change processes”

How does change in an organisation actually start? And what role does communication play in this? Deficits in cooperation and management, challenging targets and performance pressure are just a few of many factors that make working life difficult.


“Machwürth Team International is a TOP CONSULTANT”

Distinguished as Personnel Consultancy 2016, the Machwürth team is one of the best consultancy firms for SMEs. TOP CONSULTANT mentor Christian Wulff pays tribute to the company.

Project Report

“Shaping the future – Experiencing visions”

With the Phoenix Project, the ITT Industries Cannon plant in Weinstadt succeeded within two years to move from a difficult phase in the company with downsizing and fear of the future of the location to being distinguished with the Chairman’s Award for Operational Excellence.

MTI News

“International Reports”

In addition to our new scientific articles we present you our new newsletter section „International Reports“. This provides information about digital moderation which was applied during the 10th German Brand Summit, the results of the MTI Business Breakfast in Singapore and a comprehensive insight into the everyday life of an intern at Machwürth Team International.

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