Impulse for Sustainability – The Good Side of Corona?

MTI Anstoß zur Nachhaltigkeit durch Corona

Can you also include positive impulses in the field of sustainability from the circumstances caused by Corona? There is a message being spread about the fact that companies do not only save money through lower traveling costs and the quick switch to digital events and meetings—but also that companies contribute to sustainability. We have looked at what sustainability means at MTI and what happened to our firm considering sustainability.

More sustainability through Corona

MTI’s green footprint has improved significantly as a result of Corona. In the summer of 2020, MTI still had concerns whether as a company it could continue through the Corona wave.

MTI has been using the digital capabilities in PE and OE for a long time. With the limitations of the corona crisis, we have taken a big step in development together with our customers.

Global training measures, for example for Bosch Rexroth and Sartorius, have been fully converted to digital blend learning. The MTI Learning Management System, Learning 4.0 is now made possible with a high degree of personal responsibility for the learning success of the participants.

In general, the switch to digital participant documents has led to a significant reduction in the amount of paper required. The total costs for printers and copiers have been reduced by 40%.


We deliver around 2,000 workshops a year.

If printed documents are made available for approx. 10 participants in each workshop, this means:

2,000 x 10 x approx. 100 sheets A4 = 2,000,000 sheets A4

5 gr. = 10,000,000 gr. or 10,000 kg

In total our firm saved about 10 TONS of PAPER with our LMS.

In addition, we were able to reduce the amount of copier systems from 3 to 1.


Due to the technical development of online meetings and online training, trips can be reduced by approx. 66%.

If we can hold 66% of the trainings and meetings online in the future, that means:

2000 trainings / meetings X 66% = 1,320 trainings / meetings

Trainer: 320 x an average of 300 km = approx. 396,000 km

Participants: 320 x approx. 10 participants x 100 km = approx. 1,320,000 km

Together approx. 1,716,000 km


Funding from the state of Lower Saxony enabled the investment in the technical equipment for employees to work from home.

If the employees work from home for 2-3 days, this means:

23 employees drive 110 days (50%) less to the office 2,530 days x 20 km = approx. 50,600 km

A total of around 1,766,600 km are driven. x 150 gr. Co²

= approx. 265 tons of CO2 reduction

Electricity is provided by the company’s own photovoltaic system, while the technical devices are switched off at night and waste separation is already an integral part of the MTI sustainability concept.

The positive experience from the corona crisis that MTI can make a contribution to sustainability led MTI to want to develop sustainability in the company with a working group.

The big challenge is to consider the different goals in a balanced way when making decisions

We will publish the first MTI sustainability report at the end of 2021 and report on our experiences.


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