European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016

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we are proud to have been awarded with the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016 in bronze in the category “major companies and corporations”.

The International German Training prize has been awarded by the BDVT e.V. – the professional association for trainers, consultants and coaches – for over 20 years. The prize is awarded for outstanding concepts in the area of professional advanced training and qualification measures – this year named the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching.

Together with our customer EVONIK we developed the concept “Service Makes the Difference” within the School of Customer Service as part of the Marketing and Sales Excellence program.

The participants were distributed into three groups according to their experience in customer service: “Fundamentals”, “Advanced” and “Mastery”. Individual trainings were designed for each target group.

The project’s maxim was that excellent service is based on two success factors: employees behaving in a service-oriented way as well as customer-oriented processes and tools which secure the service quality.

Contents of the project

The following targets were set for the service department:

  • Increase of the cross-departamental customer and service orientation as well as anchoring the thought “we are a team”
  • Improvement of the quality of (service)performance as a basis for a long-term customer loyalty
  • Deepening of the understanding for the work of other departments
  • Transforming interfaces into “seams”

The prize was awarded within the context of the fair “HRM Expo – Zukunft Personal” on September 16th 2015 in Cologne. During a 3minute finalist slam in front of the jury and the audience we presented earlier the concept’s drift together with EVONIK. Moreover we could convince with our competence talking to the jury.

We are happy that we could convince once again by showing our know-how and by developing a project of high quality.

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