Kategorie: Leadership & Management

Project report: Healthy management

„Training programme for management staff“ Management plays a key role in modern health management systems, because their behaviour shapes the culture and work atmosphere within their department and they have a role model function. Companies are increasingly recognising this and train their management staff through a training programme. ... [...]

Intuition in the VUCA world

„Intuition in the VUCA world – challenge for leaders, facilitators and trainers“ The constant development of new technologies, high staff turnover rates and ever changing economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to establish a strategy for long-lasting success and to make ‘the correct’ decisions. ... [...]

Leadership coaching

„Leadership coaching – leading and the young Generation Z“ Currently the digital generation joins the labour market. This generation places different requirements and demands on today’s work environment. That raises major challenges for managers.. ... [...]

Report: Shaping the future

„Shaping the future – Experiencing visions“ With the Phoenix Project, the ITT Industries Cannon plant in Weinstadt succeeded within two years to move from a difficult phase in the company with downsizing and fear of the future of the location to being distinguished with the Chairman’s Award for Operational Excellence. ... [...]

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s manager training programme

The “Fit for Partnership with Germany” goes into the second round Thanks to the good collaboration and positive participant feedback, the Machwürth Team International was once again commissioned with the support of a group for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s manager training programme. ... [...]
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