4 Reasons Why You Should Carry Out Your Personnel Development Measures Now! And How to Do It.

The effects of the coronavirus affected Germany in a way nobody could expect or could be prepared for. The emerging reduction of human interaction was not the only economic consequence for companies, it also affected working time reduction, loss of labor, and production through the loss of clients – and it was also sensible in the internal processes and the interaction between people. Big companies have reacted quickly to the virus by reducing contact as much as possible and following the required government guidelines by implementing prohibitions.

As part of the earlier measures — besides the switchover from a physical office space to a home office — the planned measures for personal development were annulated or postponed. On the one hand, the postponement is logical and correct as it is mostly a matter of face-to-face training where people come together in small areas. On the other hand, however, the development of employees is an important tool for your company that in our opinion should not be left out of sight.

Now, this might make you think, “Pfft, at this moment we have more important things to do than care about the implementation of measures for personal development, we have to ensure that somehow through one way or the other that we survive the crisis.”

And exactly for that reason, we want to show you 4 very good reasons why you should prioritize your development measures NOW and how you could do it under the current circumstances.

Challenges are mastered through KnowHow

Especially in times of crisis as an entrepreneur you are responsible for qualified employees and managers. Challenging times and situations demand a lot from the involved people, employees, and managers which all require more than ever the knowledge and expertise of the planned measures to ensure the long-term success of the company


Don’t be a „Waity Katy“

The current situation still only allows limited face-to-face training and that will not change for a while. For a long time, we will have to deal with determining prohibitions, social distancing, whilst missing worthwhile personal developments cannot be postponed forever—because you will risk stagnating the success and development of your company. Waiting is for sure not a good tactic because “good things will not always come to the ones who wait – they come towards to the people who make it happen”. If you were to be creative with your personal development measures, you would have a head start, and after the crisis, your company will be prepared to start again.


Catch up chaos

Companies are currently full-on occupied with crisis management, projects, and postponing investments. By means of this, sales employees will currently be underutilized because now and in the coming months they will have limited access to their clients. As soon as the situation normalizes, they will have to put in strenuous effort to catch up in lost affairs, in which they will have minimal time and focus for personal development. It makes the most sense for your employees to utilize a stagnant time period productively for certifying skills & development—so that they can actively apply learned skills after the crisis.


From crisis to chance

The subject of digital transformation is in everyone’s priorities. Many branches and business territories are currently more or less digitalized. The MTI-research “Digital Transformation As a Challenge in Personnel Development” has shown that many companies still need action and even start a begin or are not as far as they want to be (if you want to know more about this topic, then sign up here and you will receive the entire research rapport for free (in German only)). But now is exactly the right moment to use the opportunity in utilizing the crisis. The current situation gives you the possibility to transform an emergency into a virtue—to digitalize and position your personal development optimally for the future.

But how should this precisely work in times of exit restrictions and prohibitions?

Reason number 4 surely offered a bit of what we meant. The magic word is “Digital training”. Digital learning methods now and in the future offer an interesting, effective alternatives and offer in addition advantages such as:

  • Cost savings by eliminating travel and accommodation costs
  • Location-flexible participation
  • Less logistical effort (no organization of training rooms, etc.)
  • Greater personal responsibility of the participants
  • More sustainability: learning content is accessible again and again

With the implementation of digital development measures, more companies rely on newer, ready-made provider formats with various topics. This is more practical as you a client can choose from a catalog of measures and fitting programs. We also have ready-made training programs in varying areas such as leadership development, team development, or sales in our offer and adapt the program individually to the requirements of our clients. If you are looking for ready-made training programs for your company or you want to know more about us then you can contact us here and arrange an initial free telephone consultation.

At this moment, however, companies have in many cases already commissioned a face-to-face measure or the face-to-face training had already been carried out for some time and now had to be canceled or postponed. In such a case it would of course make no sense to switch to a new, digital format now. Rather, it makes sense to take this face-to-face training and translate it into a digital format.

We usually recommend our customers split attendance days into several individual modules. For example, a two-day classroom training turns into a digital format with 8 modules:

In addition, the participants should be stimulated with impulses on the subject before, between, and after the digital sessions. We do this, for example, through learning chunks of information in the form of videos, podcasts, self-study material, or small tasks in which the participants have to apply the knowledge they have learned independently.

For a major customer, for example, we structured the individual digital modules as follows:

This format supports the highly personal responsibilities of the participants also the online session with the trainers does not aim frontally as it aims at group work and participation of participants.

As you can see, theoretically, it is not difficult to translate classical training into a digital format and so you can develop employees even in these times. With the right concept and a bit of technical KnowHow, your employees and managers will soon learn digitally.

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