Corporate Health Management: Healthy and Satisfied Employees With the Corporate Health Modules

Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement in Unternehmen

Healthy employees – healthy company

If you want to ensure long-term economic success for your company, the establishment of a high-quality working business healthcare management must be a high priority. True to the motto Healthy employees in a healthy company. By now we all know the importance of business healthcare management because it became a central theme in many companies during the Corona pandemic.

Whether it is due to stress, improper diet, too little exercise, or other Stress factors – when their health is compromised, neither employees nor their managers can contribute to the company with their full potential. In this article, under the topic of health, we will explain why BGM is essential for businesses and we will go further in-depth about the topic of stress management.

Corporate Health management means a sustainable investment that offers companies a clear added value

For a company to stay in the market, it requires healthy, efficient, satisfied employees and managers. They can only utilize the experience, expertise, effort for business goals if they are healthy, efficient, and motivated. A successful Corporate Health Management can be implemented in any company with simple, uncomplicated, goal targeting methods and guidelines

Benefits for companies:

  • Reduction of stress, downtime, and fluctuation in your workforce.
  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Improvement of the quality of products and services
  • Increasing productivity

Step out of the stress trap with Corporate Health Management

Although an Individual phenomenon it still is a topic for everyone: stress management. Working under stress and pressure is definitely burdensome for employees. But what if you were lucky to use the best processes in the company, to have the greatest job, flexible work hours, etc. — and you would still feel stressed? Stress has many forms, and can even be caused by the smallest situations and unexpectedly occur in everyday life or at work. Do you know how you could recognize if you are stressed, and how to handle it?

Did you know for e.g. which effects stress has on the body?!

  1. blood-pressure is continuously elevated: the risk of strokes, cardiovascular diseases are increasing significantly.
  2. Cortisol levels rise which causes the body to be more susceptible to colds and infections.
  3. The muscles are constantly tensed and are the cause for neck-, shoulder-, and back pains.

Our mind and our behavior patterns can also suffer under stress and become noticeable through sleep disorders, depression, and presentation disorders. (source:

“In Ergonomics it is understood that being under stress is a state of persistent, fearful, agitated, and unpleasant tension, which is characterized by psychological overactivation and subjective threat. It is reflected in hasty pace, erratic movements, and excessive effort at work.” (Prof. Oppolzer, University for Economics and Politics of Hamburg).

As an employee and leader, it is good to know how to handle stress, and how to avoid it — this is an important building block for a healthy future.

Read here more about the Theme Stress:

Healthy employees – healthy companies!

To be able to exist as a company in the market, it needs healthy, efficient, and satisfied employees. They can only use their experience, expertise, and commitment to business goals if they are healthy, efficient, and motivated.

Positive effects of health management for your business

  • Error times are reduced
  • Employability is maintained and promoted
  • Employee bonding and motivation increases
  • Job satisfaction is increased
  • Healthy leadership is strengthened
  • Number of accidents at work is reduced
  • Security awareness is strengthened.


Corporate Health Management – From “Nice to have” to a real win-win situation

Although many companies have implemented functional healthcare management the management task is often required to look at risk analysis, but:

  • What does executive responsibility really look like?
  • What can and should managers do to maintain the health and ability of employees?
  • Which measures actually support the employees in practice?
  • How can Corporate Health Management also be digitally implemented?


The advice from our expertentalk!

Explore the topic of health management yourself

Are you healthy or do you live in your business’s Corporate Health Management? An MTI-health-information packet with academic and helpful specialized articles covers important topics of Corporate Health Management. Inform our experts:


  • Risk assessment mental stress – an underestimated potential for innovation and presentations (Christina Bolte)
  • How to correct downtime caused by failures caused by stress. Know-how. (Julian Christopher Kubler)
  • Mastering challenging situations (Melanie Them)
  • Which influencing factors of the company culture have an impact on the health of employees? (Oliver Schieck)
  • Trainingsproject “Health Leadership: Worthfull communication” (Edwin Lemke)


>>> see now

Book tip

Do you want to know more about what you could do about health and how you could combat stress? Then the book of Christina Berndt will give you valuable tips and advice about this topic:


“Resilience: the secret of a psychic resistance – What makes us stronger against stress, depression, and burn-outs”

Book Preview

Coming Soon!

Read in our next post what the basic building blocks in BGM are and tips for implementation in companies

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