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MTI Webinar: A comparison between European and Chinese conflict culture

Date: November 2nd, 2017 | 4:00 p.m. CST (9:00 a.m. CET)

Find out about different ways of communication in order to avoid misunderstandings/conflicts

Your are responsible as manager, project manager or team manager? Part of your professional leadership competence is interfering in conflicts and handling them? You are annoyed by deficiencies of projects, lost orders or wasted production times due to internal conflicts? You would like to change all of that?

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The Award-Winning Sales Development “Value Added Pricing”

For the fourth time, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching in silver

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Strategic cooperation between MTI China and EunaCon

Strategic cooperation between MTI China and EunaCon


Company-specific tailored solutions and global support for the implementation of your company‘s strategy

Dear reader,

in times of digital transformation, agile organisation and VUCA, it is indispensable to refer to high-performance external partners with a large range of services.

On that basis, MTI China and EunaCon agreed on a strategic cooperation. Both companies bring years of experience in the China business and can successfully build packages of services there.

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TOP CONSULTANT – The award for Germany’s best consultants

MTI Consultancy once again among Germany’s best SME consultants!

Dear reader,

For the third time in a row, after 2015 and 2016, we are part of Germany’s best SME consultants and can call ourselves “TOP CONSULTANT 2017”. TOP CONSULTANTS belong to the top class of their trade.

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Digitalization & Industry 4.0

June 07, 2017 | Taicang
Business Talk Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

Recognizing opportunities and successfully overcoming challenges

Dear Reader,
nowadays, all over the global business world keywords referring to change are discussed and related “magic recipes“ are published. The so-called “Industry 4.0“ is all about: Digitalization, Transformation, VUCA, Globalization, Agile Leadership, Agile Teams, Scrum and Innovation. We will put these keywords under scrutiny and clarify how the development can be mastered successfully.

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Action Learning in Singapore

Learn more about Action Learning in the new MTI Business Breakfast on May 4th, 2017 in Singapore

Discussing leadership challenges in the VUCA world, Learning the concept of Action Learning and more


The world is now standing on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Indeed, across industries, there is clear evidence that the technologies that underpin this Revolution are having a major impact on businesses.

Against the backtrop of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) global economy, it is imperative for organisations today to adapt their leadership development approach to foster leadership vision, understanding, clarity and agility to “Future Proof” themselves.

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Latest MTI Newsletter – New Year 2017

Dear reader,

the whole team of MTI consultancy wishes you a successful and healthy year 2017! This year we again provide you with interesting expert articles in the areas of personnel and organisational development.

First of all, in our New Year’s edition we present you a culture development programme. Furthermore, our MTI experts describe, inter alia, what a company can do to ensure that the expertise of its employees is always on the cutting edge and how large groups of people can be trained in a short time. You can also read which challenges SMEs have to face when they grow into a global player and how an appropriate leadership culture can help to determine a company’s positioning in the market.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

New Year 2017

Project Report: Culture Development

“Discovering and pro-actively designing business culture

To meet tomorrow’s market requirements and striving for improvement and quality to be anchored with the company’s DNA, perfume manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz started a thorough leadership and business culture development project.

Project Report: Train the Trainer

“Train the trainer workshop at Kiekert”

How does a company, which as a leading innovator in its industry always depends on the latest findings and knowledge growth within its teams, departments and locations, ensure that the expertise of its employees is always on the cutting edge?

Professionalisation of HR work

“When SMEs become global players”

Many SMEs have grown from small and medium-sized enterprises into high-tech companies and global players in recent years. Unfortunately, their personnel and organisational development often lags behind the development of the company as a whole, thus slowing their further growth.


“Train large groups of people in a short time”

How can we train dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees or clients within a short time? Companies often ask themselves this question when introducing new procedures or solutions in their organisation or on the market. Thanks partly to IT, there are very efficient ways to manage this.

Leadership & Management

“Strategy alone is not enough – Mediocre or the best?”

Why are some companies mediocre and others leading in their field? For example, when it comes to revenue or income? Or service or innovation? Is it to do with strategy? Usually it isn’t! It is usually to do with their corporate and management culture.

MTI News

“International Reports”

This edition of our international reports offers you a thorough insight into the daily routine of an intern at MTI. In addition, we inform you about our business talk in Shanghai on the subject of “Managing Virtual Teams”.

Essentials of Team Development

Is being aware of “Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing” enough to develop successful teams?

Dear reader,

Matrix organizations are continuously increasing and tasks have become more and more complex. To be successful, organizations depend on successful teamwork. But what separates teams that deliver high quality results from those who only function?

Download our “Essentials of Team Development” to receive a clear picture

The MTI Bundle Essentials of Team Development

Handbook Essentials of Team Development
Gives you an overview of different aspects that need to be taken into consideration for effective and sustainable Team Development

Presentation Success Factors for Teamwork

Provides you with key aspects of Team Development including an exemplary Team Development initiative

Download now!

You can download our Download Bundle Essentials of Team Development until December 4th 2016 for free (regular price 19.90 EUR)!

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If you are currently looking for innovative ideas to develop your team, our team will answer your questions and develop a solution with you.



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