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the engine of every organization is their Sales Team. If your team is motivated, persistent and prepared, your sales go up automatically. To support you and your organization in accelerating your Sales Performance continuously in 2016, we offer you two Sales supports for free.

The learning prompts The Sales Pitch and Recognizing customer types – Social dialects will prepare your Sales Team well for their next need analysis, customer meeting, or Sales Pitch.

In addition, our Interactive Training Need Analysis Tool – Sales and Service assesses your Sales Team’s strengths and weaknesses. It develops a clear picture regarding your Team’s development fields and will help you defining its path to success and an outstanding Sales Performance.

Read through our informative download bundle and start the New Year with our inspiration and support to motivate your Sales Team and accelerate your Sales Performance.

The MTI Sales Performance Bundle

2 MTI Learning prompts
“The Sales Pitch”&”Recognizing Customer Types”

“Training Needs Analysis Sales and Service”

MTI Case Studies
“Sales Performance Projects”

Download now for free!

Use SFSP216 as coupon code and download bundle Change Management until March 06th 2016 for free (regular price 19.90 EUR)!

If you want to improve your Team’s Sales Performance, you can contact us any time. Our team will answer your question and develop a solution with you.



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