Why MTI?

Reasons for contacting MTI?

There are many business consultancies and training institutions that help companies with strategy implementation ‒ but only a few have the expertise, size and the international profile that MTI does. So it is you who carries the burden of choice. This is why we will give you several reasons for contacting MTI ‒ even if you ultimately opt for a different company to assist you.


We support companies in achieving their goals with the help of competent and committed employees.

Successfull Methodology

We offer our customers safe and innovative solutions for the internal change.

Customer Focus

We focus on the actual needs of our customers, which we determine directly on site.

Process Orientation

We accompany our customers throughout the development process from the analysis phase to the final result.


We consider ourselves partners and stand by the customer at all times.


We offer you mature concepts thanks to our global experience and more than 5000 realised projects.

Customised Solutions

Our solutions and services are developed specifically for the customer.

International Consulting

MTI has offices and consultants on almost every continent. We support companies around the world.

MTI offers customized and company-specific solutions and supports your company worldwide in implementing its strategies.

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