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We support you worldwide with our subsidiaries and over 450 consultants.

Based in Visselhoevede, Germany, Machwürth Team International (MTI), which operates in international countries under the name of MTI Consultancy, is a global consulting and training firm. MTI has been helping companies implement their strategies with 450 consultants, trainers and project managers – worldwide, for 25 years. This involves combining the necessary HR and organizational development activities in order to achieve the specific business goals of a company. MTI also provides its customers online instruments such as learning platforms for managing strategy implementation projects as well as the resulting change and learning requirements. In addition, MTI teaches employees such as managers, salespeople and service employees the skills they need to succeed working in a changing business climate. MTI also specializes in international roll-outs involving hundreds or even thousands of employees who have to be trained within a short period of time. MTI assists you globally with strategic implementation projects owning subsidiaries in:

  • Germany and Europe

  • North America

  • Asia

  • Australia

Locations all over the world

MTI has offices on nearly all continents. One major focus lies on the Asian market. Furthermore, MTI has consultants in all European, Asian and American countries.This makes MTI such an attractive partner when it comes to strategy implementation projects as well for HR and organizational measures that cross domestic and cultural boundaries.  



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Machwürth Team International GmbH, Deutschland und Europa

MTI North America Inc., USA


MTI Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch


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MTI Project Office

Offices in Germany

MTI cooperates with consultants in 14 German cities. Our head office is located in Visselhoevede, near Hamburg, in the Lünburg Heath area.

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