Machwürth Team International successful on the market for 30 years

Shaping the future with experience – on its 30th company anniversary this year, the internationally active training and consulting company will be celebrating its birthday under this motto, together with selected customers, cooperation partners and employees.

MTI will host the partner meeting on 6 & 7 September in Visselhövede. With impulses from various customer projects, the participants will not only discuss the future requirements in personnel and organisation development, but will also be sharing trend-setting topics on further education and organisation development in workshops and, of course, they will be networking and celebrating.

The anniversary event starts on Friday, 6 September at 10:30 with a warm welcome, an introduction of MTI´s new management board members and a presentation of the strategic guidelines for the coming years. In addition to the two company founders, Sabine and Hans-Peter Machwürth, the two experienced personnel and organisational developers, Tanja and Frank Ninnemann, have also been part of MTI’s management since April.

The afternoon is dedicated to various MTI customers, who will talk about projects implemented together and give their impetus against the background of digital transformation.

As a further item on the agenda, MTI will then present the key facts of its own study on “Digital Transformation as a Challenge for Personnel Development”, which has been running on the market in the preceding weeks.

Then participants will experience how the new digital trainer toolbox from Teambits at MTI makes workshops and training sessions more interactive and participative by testing it themselves live.

Saturday starts with a contribution on agile hierarchy design from the business theatre in Hamburg called Scharlatan. Afterwards several interactive workshops on strategic enterprise and market topics, moderated by the  MTI management board, will take place.

The results will depict the challenges that personnel and organisation development will face, together with their service providers, in the coming years and how they can equip for the digital future.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in further information about the program or the results.

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