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Time to review the past and to look with curiosity at what is to come

The year 2019 is nearing its end and we look back on a gripping and eventful time. Time – we all wish for more time during the festive season. It is the most precious gift a person can receive! We thank you for the many moments you have dedicated to us.

We also thank you with all our hearts for the trust you have placed in us. We look forward to accompanying you again in the coming year with different topics on personnel- organisational development and to keeping the channels of communication open.

With these Christmas and New Year wishes we thank you and wish you the best health, happiness, a reflective Christmas time and a great start into 2020. May you be very prosperous in the coming year and may we continue our good cooperation.

Best Christmas greetings
The whole Machwürth Team International


Tanja Ninnemann
CEO MTI | Marketing Leitung
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Email: tanja.ninnemann@mwteam.com


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Phone: +49 4262 93 12 0 | Fax: +49 4262 38 12
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Web: www.mticonsultancy.com

Accelerate Your Sales Performance

Dear Reader,

the engine of every organization is their Sales Team. If your team is motivated, persistent and prepared, your sales go up automatically. To support you and your organization in accelerating your Sales Performance continuously in 2016, we offer you two Sales supports for free.

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Project report: The new role of the service technician

„Challenges for the sales department“

“The first machine is sold by sales, the second by service!”. Although this fact is well known to manufacturers of capital equipment, it is sometimes difficult for companies to draw the right conclusions from it and to organisationally implement it. This is an attempt to represent this Gordian knot in all its aspects and demonstrate an approach to its resolution.

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