Successful (key) account management – added value through knowledge and a convincing presentation

Digitalisation has brought several changes to conventional sales in relation to customer contact and the initiation of business. How do sales 4.0 look to (key) account managers? The most important factors for staff members, working in customer service or sales, are: to understand the customer (prediction), to participate in shaping and customising sales strategies (new leadership culture) and to be convincing in sales talks with an impactful presentation. Gone are the times when a quick glance at a customer´s homepage shortly before a meeting was sufficient – credibility by means of a self-confident presentation with convincing arguments is now the A and O.

According to a survey, most important to sales professionals when closing a deal, is the trust in the relationship to the customer as well as the achieved price. However, how does one create trust; what makes a difference and what could be improved?

Strengthening customer loyalty with sympathy and emotions

The preparation: strategy, information procurement and analysis are the basic essentials for a high rate of closure. However, all this preparation is of no use when credibility, sympathy and understanding does not reach the customer, thus…..

  • addressing the customer emotionally
  • plausible explanations and good preparation
  • conformity of body language and the spoken word

… are essential for successful closure, for successful customer loyalty and for increasing the own profit potential in sales 4.0.

What are the fundamentals for successful, sympathetic and convincing sales?

Check list: 13 golden guidelines for sales

  • 1. Active listening: Listen to the customer actively and make him understand that you are actively participating in the conversation. Let – whilst the customer is talking – the words „yes”, “right“, „I see“, „understood“ flow in.
  • 2. Groomed appearance: Adapt to your customer´s environment with suitable clothing.
  • 3. Confident presentation: The most important three rules, for making a reliable impression in a decisive situation are: keeping eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, as well as making sweeping arm movements. Through this you radiate confidence, which mostly stabilises during the conversation.
  • 4. Profound expertise: All the training and all the sympathy in the world cannot make up for lacking expertise, without which every customer will notice it quickly and it will seldom lead to success.
  • 5. Broadly diverse general education: A broad general knowledge provides high flexibility in a conversation, which can create a positive atmosphere, thus contribute to a positive course of the discussion.
  • 6. Inventiveness and flexibility: Every sales person must maintain good contacts with customers, as well as with his own company. He must bring his insights and ideas into the company and offer targeted support, so that products can be further developed or the customers’ needs could be responded to even better.
  • 7. Good information carrier: The price is not the only thing that matters to the customer! A sales person also needs to offer a source of information in order to distinguish himself from competitors.
  • 8. Punctuality and reliability: Not only potentially difficult customers, but also the friendly, regular customer, has a right to punctuality and reliability.
  • 9. Assertiveness: Sales people should master the rules of rhetoric and sales rhetoric.
  • 10. Sociability: Only if you come across as trustworthy and if you appeal to customers, you will have a chance at being a successful sales person. Shy and reserved people are hardly ever good at sales.
  • 11. Good elocution: Try to speak clearly and explicitly (no exaggerated dialect). Rather speak slowly than too fast and in short sentences. The end of a sentence forces you to lower your voice. Take frequent breaks to lure your interlocutor from the reserve.
  • 12. Positive basic mind-set: We can only sale well, if we have a positive attitude. We can only convince others when we are truly convinced ourselves.
  • 13. Good manners: Etiquette and style are more demanded than ever. Only he who has impeccable manners will be a successful sales person in the long run.

If you would like to improve your sales force and learn more about the perfect customer approach, you are welcome to write to us per e-mail or phone us.

We look forward to strengthening your (key) account managers´deals with customers together with you.

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