Winner of the gold medal of the International German Training Award 2014/15

Convincing performance all along the line at the International German Training Award 2014/15!

Winner of the gold medal of the International German Training Award 2014/15

We are proud to be announced the first place in the category “Special Format (e.g. OD & PD concepts, events, etc.)”.

The International German Training Award has been presented by the BDVT e.V. for over 20 years – the professional association for trainers, consultants and coaches. The award is presented for outstanding concepts in the area of professional advanced training and qualification measures.

The winning project: „The BEAT to LEAD – The Leadership Festival“

Together with our customer ARAMARK we developed an integrated concept in the area of Personnel and Organisational Development presented as a learning fair with over 100 managers and executives, named “The BEAT to LEAD”. The background of this concept was a desire for a change in corporate culture based on an employee survey and a 360° feedback from 10 managers conducted in 2012.

The following objectives for the company were defined:

Provide new impulses.
Managers reflect their leadership style.
Develop a mutual understanding of one’s own role and responsibilities.
Strengthen and motivate the managers in their leadership work.

In a first workshop, these goals were discussed with several managers. Based on the results, working groups for developing the training contents were initialized and accompanied by our consultants.

Topics: Situational Leadership
Main focus: Using leadership tools, recognition and appreciation, cross-department cooperation

During a second workshop the working groups presented their results. Afterwards a collective concept optimization took place as well as a final rehearsal of the upcoming workshops with the managers, supported by our consultants.

Addressing the right audience!

The specialty of the learning fair was the concept, designed like festival. For example, managers and employees were invited with concert tickets and a music magazine with “Line-Ups” (workshops) to get them into the right mood for the upcoming event. Supported by our consultants, the managers were founding own “bands” and developing their workshops on different topics for their “big performance” during the festival.

MTI Team for the project Beat to Lead

Our MTI consultant team led by Hans-Peter Machwürth (l.t.r.): Ute Leopold (Senior Consultant), Hans-Peter Machwürth (Managing Director), Marion Quaas-Reinhard (Seinior Consultant), Dr. Sarina Kaiser (Senior Consultant) 

Key instruments for success!

Among others, the following tools, methods and topics were used:

MTI-Tools: Leadership Style Analysis
Methods: FiSH!, world café, learning fair, 4 corners exercise
Topic: Situational leadership, leadership tools, interface management, praise and recognition
Subtopics: Appraisal interviews, feedback, information and participation, personnel development, health management, enjoying achievement, respect and appreciation

More than one hit!

A special highlight was the collective performance of the guests, organizers and “bands” during a collective “team drumming”.

All participants evaluated the leadership festival as a huge success which exceeded their expectations. The accurately fitting contents and methods convinced the company to plan additional workshops for further management levels. The performance review will be ensured by frequent 360° feedbacks and appraisal interviews.

Fair pictures MTI Zukunft Personal 2014

The award was presented in the context of “Zukunft Personal” in Cologne. During a 5-minute elevator pitch in front of a jury and the audience we presented the concept together with ARAMARK and were able to convince in the following Q&A session as well.

We are very happy that we were able to convince by our competence and know-how and are looking forward to further challenging projects.

Best regards from Your Machwürth Team International