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Developing management teams

Employees align their behavior with that of their managers. Because this demonstrates what is truly important to them.

For this reason, in companies where team-oriented thinking permeates throughout the organization, the top managers at the executive level must also act visibly as part of the team. In the case of many companies, this is only sometimes the case. Among other things, this is because at the top management level there are usually very strong personalities who have big egos and the drive to do things their way. It is equally difficult for them to (permanently) integrate themselves into teams. This is why cooperation in the upper echelons of companies is oftentimes characterized by a mutual tolerating of one another instead of collaboration ‒ and also because the top team members have different duties.

In order to increase the performance together as a team, however, the team at the top of the company should also develop into a top performing team. This process is guided and moderated by MTI’s experienced management consultants, if desired, in their organization ‒ for example, by holding a conference with the top decision makers.