Change Management | Strategy Implementation in Change Management Projects

Turning Affected to Involved Ones

After making strategic decisions, what remains to be asked is the implementation question. May it be far-reaching shuffles and processes in an organization or innovative developments being forced, integrating management and employees as well as mapping appropriate processes are prerogatives to turn “followers” to “doers”. When clear decisions are made for sustainable success in reorganization, a deployment master plan is needed. With our extensive know-how in process support and from working closely with our clients, we develop the change architecture and process approaches.

Organizational situations and change aspirations are often multi-facetted and therefore, require tailored designs in each Change Process:

  • Diagnosis

  • Major events

  • Workshops

  • Coachings

  • Qualifications / Trainings

  • Multiplicator Concepts

  • Moderation

  • Feedback

Our experience will ensure that

  • Communication and Information

  • Interventions and Employee Participation

  • Project Management and Monitoring

are felt by the involved parties in the change processes, motivate keyplayers and relieve the organization from critical regulation questions during deployment.


Project example

Change Management Process