Change Management | Cultural Analysis & Development

Control the way your company “ticks”

To change the culture of a company in a targeted manner, it is necessary to gain a sense of how the organization currently “ticks”. It is also necessary to know where there is a need for the company’s culture to develop. But by themselves, these things are not enough. Real data is also required to control change process.

For this reason, MTI places great emphasis on the analysis of the current state of a company’s culture in change projects. In doing so, we choose various courses of action depending on the initial situation and goal. In many cases, for example, we perform field analyses for customers.



  • Speak to clients about their current status as well as their goals and objectives.

  • Carry out interviews e.g. with selected experts in the company, customers and suppliers to find out how an organization “spins”

  • Analyze operating figures which are essential to a project.

  • Compile documentation to reflect divergencies between the current achievement to the ambitioned aspiration for our client – with hands-on action recommendations.

  • Determine Change requirements and create decision-making principles for those responsible in the organization.

Particularly in larger companies we also use standardized analysis tools when needed to generate a valid foundation of data for the decisions executive managers need to make, allowing them to steer the change process. Examples include:

Values ProfileTM

This profile allows companies to determine what motivates and drives their employees.Button_Details


MTI 360° feedback

This MTI tool allows companies to analyze the leadership culture  and value structure within their organization so that they can then make well-targeted changes.Button_Details