MTI Consultancy and the industrial services provider SKS cooperate

MTI Consultancy is proud to be a strategic partner with SKS Academy GmbH.


Both partners support companies worldwide in the process of using modern information technology to improve their business processes and to prepare themselves for the era of industry 4.0.

MTI Consultancy has agreed to a cooperation with the industrial services provider SKS Academy, whose sister company SKS Steuerungstechnik is one of the leading providers of tailor-made high-end solutions in software planning and commissioning of production automation systems. Together, both partners will support companies worldwide to implement the techniques, processes, structure and culture within their organisation necessary for company success in the era of Industry 4.0. By combining the technical expertise of SKS and the process and change management expertise of MTI, the best possible conditions for this success are created.

MTI and the industrial services provider SKS agreed on the cooperation, because modern information technology is the main driver for change in the economy – worldwide. This enables, as emphasised by Irene Wang, Managing Director of SKS, “inter alia that production and manufacturing as well as collaboration across departments and locations can be organised in a new way”. In order that the technique produces its desired effect, normally processes and structures within the company also have to be changed. Moreover, employees have to be won over as companions and they have to be qualified for working in this changed environment.


Irene Wang
Managing director of SKS

That is why it was obvious, states Wang, that SKS cooperates with a consultant and training company “that utilises well-founded knowledge of processes and change as well as having great expertise in the areas of personnel and organisational development”.

Conversely, it is very attractive for MTI to cooperate with a company that not only has great experience with planning modern production lines and process plants as well as man-machine interfaces, as does SKS, but also with commissioning such systems – because then our process and change expertise can already have some influence in the technical planning process which facilitates the implementation. At the same time, SKS’s technical expertise and its understanding has an influence e.g. in qualifying employees. Against this background both partners opted for the cooperation.

Jointly, MTI and SKS will henceforth support companies inter alia to use their possibilities for their success in order to increase the efficiency and globalisation of their business processes arising out of the development of information technology and to steel themselves for the era of Industry 4.0 – starting with planning and implementing the necessary technical solutions, continuing with building the necessary structure and culture within the organisation, and culminating in qualifying employees. Both companies will benefit from MTI’s great experience in E-Learning and its network of 450 consultants and trainers all over the world. That is why MTI and SKS as partners can also implement complex rollouts in a relatively short time which is a central success factor when establishing new technologies and processes.

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