In our summer edition of the newsletter we would like to present you interesting MTI project reports and news in the subject area Personnel and Organisational Development.

We will inform you among others things about Russian managers visiting companies in Germany and examine the role of a modern health management system. Moreover, we will be looking towards China and its leadership culture and you will learn about a new tool, the business simulation.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

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Summer 2015

Fit for Partnership with Germany

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s manager training programme

“The “Fit for Partnership with Germany” goes into the second round”

Thanks to the good collaboration and positive participant feedback, the Machwürth Team International was once again commissioned with the support of a group for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s manager training programme.

Business Simulation

Project report: Business Simulation

“How to depict complex situations by means of a Business Simulation”

The success of a company increasingly depends on how quickly its management team responds to things such as change. This project report explains how this skill can be taught with the help of a Business Simulation.

The new role of the service technician

Project report: The new role of the service technician

“Challenges for the sales department”

“The first machine is sold by sales, the second by service!”. Although this fact is well known to manufacturers of capital equipment, it is sometimes difficult for companies to draw the right conclusions from it and to organisationally implement it. This is an attempt to represent this Gordian knot in all its aspects and demonstrate an approach to its resolution.

Certified trainer qualification for technical trainers

Project report: Certified trainer qualification for technical trainers

“Teaching complex, technical information”

Complex, technical information is not easy to teach and requires far more than an expert in his area who simply passes on his knowledge. In addition to good didactic skills, social competency is also important.

Healthy management

Project report: Healthy management

“Training programme for management staff”

Management plays a key role in modern health management systems, because their behaviour shapes the culture and work atmosphere within their department and they have a role model function. Companies are increasingly recognising this and train their management staff through a training programme.

From a dragon to apanda

China’s society is changing rapidly. How do I lead and motivate?

“From a dragon to a panda”

China is Germany’s most important trading partner outside of the EU. Both countries can look back over 40 years of friendly and stable partnership. And yet: Germany primarily equates China with negatives.

Critical thinking

Objectively analyzing a situation

“Critical Thinking in the business world”

Critical Thinking – a word, a skill we come across all the time in today’s business world. But what is Critical Thinking and why is it an important business skill?