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Latest MTI Newsletter – New Year 2017

Dear reader,

the whole team of MTI consultancy wishes you a successful and healthy year 2017! This year we again provide you with interesting expert articles in the areas of personnel and organisational development.

First of all, in our New Year’s edition we present you a culture development programme. Furthermore, our MTI experts describe, inter alia, what a company can do to ensure that the expertise of its employees is always on the cutting edge and how large groups of people can be trained in a short time. You can also read which challenges SMEs have to face when they grow into a global player and how an appropriate leadership culture can help to determine a company’s positioning in the market.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

New Year 2017

Project Report: Culture Development

“Discovering and pro-actively designing business culture

To meet tomorrow’s market requirements and striving for improvement and quality to be anchored with the company’s DNA, perfume manufacturer Mäurer & Wirtz started a thorough leadership and business culture development project.

Project Report: Train the Trainer

“Train the trainer workshop at Kiekert”

How does a company, which as a leading innovator in its industry always depends on the latest findings and knowledge growth within its teams, departments and locations, ensure that the expertise of its employees is always on the cutting edge?

Professionalisation of HR work

“When SMEs become global players”

Many SMEs have grown from small and medium-sized enterprises into high-tech companies and global players in recent years. Unfortunately, their personnel and organisational development often lags behind the development of the company as a whole, thus slowing their further growth.


“Train large groups of people in a short time”

How can we train dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees or clients within a short time? Companies often ask themselves this question when introducing new procedures or solutions in their organisation or on the market. Thanks partly to IT, there are very efficient ways to manage this.

Leadership & Management

“Strategy alone is not enough – Mediocre or the best?”

Why are some companies mediocre and others leading in their field? For example, when it comes to revenue or income? Or service or innovation? Is it to do with strategy? Usually it isn’t! It is usually to do with their corporate and management culture.

MTI News

“International Reports”

This edition of our international reports offers you a thorough insight into the daily routine of an intern at MTI. In addition, we inform you about our business talk in Shanghai on the subject of “Managing Virtual Teams”.

Donnerstag, Januar 19 th, 2017

Latest MTI Newsletter – Summer 2016

Dear reader,

in our second MTI newsletter from 2016 we present you once again interesting expert articles in the areas personnel and organisational development. Moreover in our category international reports we look back on past MTI events.

In addtion, our MTI experts explain among other topics the new working trend VUCA and the challenges leaders, facilitators and trainers have to face accordingly. Find out as well which factors are important in leading the young generation Z and what significance communication does have in change processes.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

Summer 2016


“Intuition in the VUCA world – challenge for leaders, facilitators and trainers

The constant development of new technologies, high staff turnover rates and ever changing economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to establish a strategy for long-lasting success and to make ‘the correct’ decisions.


“Leadership coaching – leading and the young Generation Z”

Currently the digital generation joins the labour market. This generation places different requirements and demands on today’s work environment. That raises major challenges for managers..


“On the importance of communication in change processes”

How does change in an organisation actually start? And what role does communication play in this? Deficits in cooperation and management, challenging targets and performance pressure are just a few of many factors that make working life difficult.


“Machwürth Team International is a TOP CONSULTANT”

Distinguished as Personnel Consultancy 2016, the Machwürth team is one of the best consultancy firms for SMEs. TOP CONSULTANT mentor Christian Wulff pays tribute to the company.

Project Report

“Shaping the future – Experiencing visions”

With the Phoenix Project, the ITT Industries Cannon plant in Weinstadt succeeded within two years to move from a difficult phase in the company with downsizing and fear of the future of the location to being distinguished with the Chairman’s Award for Operational Excellence.

MTI News

“International Reports”

In addition to our new scientific articles we present you our new newsletter section „International Reports“. This provides information about digital moderation which was applied during the 10th German Brand Summit, the results of the MTI Business Breakfast in Singapore and a comprehensive insight into the everyday life of an intern at Machwürth Team International.

Montag, August 08 th, 2016

Latest MTI Newsletter – Winter/Spring 2016

Dear reader,

our first newsletter from 2016 offers some exciting expert articles from the areas of personnel and organizational development as well as a new section summarizing the international reports about MTI events and MTI news.

Our MTI experts report on the brand new and current issue – “Management by Team Objectives”. In addition you also get to know the great advantages of using Digital Moderation at your next event along with two reports on the subjects Sales, Service and working environment.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

Winter/Spring 2016

Management by Team Objectives

“Cooperation beats competition”

”Management by Team Objectives” for banks and insurance companies – a small step or a cultural paradigm shift? A management model that strives for sustainable business success is future-proof. But a successful transition to such a model is not without obstacles.

Digital moderation

“Using modern technology
to involve employees”

Conferences, workshops and kick-off events often still use conventional presentation media such as pinboards and flip charts. But large-scale events in particular can become much more dynamic, effective and interactive if modern information and communication technology is used.

Certification in Sales and Service

“TÜV Rheinland – Certified Sales Experts for Aramark Germany”

In November 2015, five new certified sales experts successfully completed the two-year Aramark Sales Development Program. The special thing about it: The TÜV Rheinland acted as an independent assessor to confirm the participants’ competence.

Excellence in Service

“Project report: Good service makes the

The cost of winning new customers is enormous. That is why more and more companies are focusing on customer retention and increasing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are an important component of success.


“International Reports”

In addition to our new scientific articles we present you our new newsletter section „International Reports“ . Read our reports on international events, news from the Machwürth Team International and announcements of new products.

Donnerstag, Februar 25 th, 2016

Scientific Articles | Archive – Autumn 2015

In our third newsletter 2015 the Machwürth Team International compiled for you informative and interesting reports related to the topics leadership, team development and service.

This year the Machwürth Team has been awarded two prizes, the Top Consultant and the European training award by the BDVT. We will give you background information about the victory project that we carried out with our customer Evonik. Furthermore, we deal with the topics cultural differences and conflict management and outline the visit of Eastern European Managers in the context of a Manager Training Programme organised by giz.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

Articles written by MTI consultants and experts

Autumn 2015


Project Report: Evonik School of Customer Service

“Improving Service Quality Worldwide”

How satisfied customers are with a company’s service depends on the company’s service and customer support. For this reason Evonik, specialty chemicals company, founded an international School of Customer Service. The globally active company and consultancy firm, Machwürth Team International, was awarded bronze in the European training award, Europäischer Trainingspreis, by the BDVT in 2015.


Cultural influences

“Being more aware of cultural differences”

“It’ll be ok.” Companies often plan transnational projects according to this motto – particularly those in which the foreign partners come from western industrialised nations. But because their cultures are related, the differences are often underestimated.


Conflict management

“Conflicts in companies and organisations”

Fair-weather management – every manager’s pipe dream. And what does reality look like? Storms are followed by sunshine and blizzards alternate with thaw period.


Manager qualification

“Eastern European managers gain qualifications for the international market with MTI”

A Manager Training Programme in Germany offers ambitious managers from Eastern Europe new insights and opportunities for international cooperation.


Award for Organisational Development 2015

“Machwürth Team International is awarded with “Top Consultant 2015” seal of approval”

SMEs have given MTI – the specialist for HR and organisational development – top marks and rate us among the top consulting companies in Germany.

Montag, Oktober 26 th, 2015

Scientific Articles | Archive Summer 2015

In our summer edition of the newsletter we would like to present you interesting MTI project reports and news in the subject area Personnel and Organisational Development.

We will inform you among others things about Russian managers visiting companies in Germany and examine the role of a modern health management system. Moreover, we will be looking towards China and its leadership culture and you will learn about a new tool, the business simulation.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

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Montag, Juni 15 th, 2015

Scientific Articles | Archive – Springtime 2015

With our first newsletter 2015, we would like to introduce a number of exciting articles and inform you of news from our company.

Learn among other things how to make your business fit for tomorrow with effective change and innovation management or what martial arts reveals about your leadership style. In addition, we will give you 7 valuable tips for a successful leadership style as well as an insight into the effective use of digital moderation with mega-groups.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new stories!

Your Machwürth Team International

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Donnerstag, März 12 th, 2015

Scientific Articles | Archive – Autumn/Winter 2014

Today we already have one foot in the future and we should not miss the boat to shape it successfully. Hence we prepared for you topics dealing with changes, shaping the future and further education for companies and employees in our autumn/winter newsletter edition. Furthermore we give you an insight in our major event for the company’s 25th anniversary and the workshops which were held in this context. We hope to arouse your interest to learn more!

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Mittwoch, Dezember 17 th, 2014

Scientific Articles | Archive – Spring/Summer 2014

The temperatures are rising, the world cup is in full swing and MTI is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In due time for the second half of the year we would like to present our MTI newsletter to you.

In this edition, you will find interesting articles about time management, Chinese employee management and leading by feedback systems. Furthermore, a new DISC leadership profile is on the market.

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Mittwoch, Juni 25 th, 2014

Scientific Articles | Archive – New Year 2014

The new year 2014 has just begun and we are looking forward to many exciting and challenging projects with you.

As in previous years, we want (would like) to accompany you with our MTI Newsletter and give you an insight into our expertise with our know-how and project reports.

Furthermore, we look forward to celebrating Machwürth Team’s 25th anniversary with you.

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Mittwoch, Januar 15 th, 2014